Matthew-HartzMatthew Hartz holds a unique position in roots and americana music. From an early age, his ear was bent toward old time fiddle masters including Benny Thomasson, Texas Shorty and Terry Morris.

Attending local, regional and national level fiddle contests enabled Matthew to hone his skills and learn directly from these legends. One of Matthew’s greatest fiddle heros was a full blooded Native American from Oklahoma. In 1985, Matthew got his chance to meet Orville Burns. In 1989, Texas Style Old Time Fiddling with Matthew Hartz and Orville Burns was first released. This is the only recording project Orville participated in.

That same year, Matthew won “The Big Three”. “The Big Three” being the Grand National Fiddle Championships held each year in Weiser, Idaho, the Grand Master Fiddle Championships held in Nashville, Tennessee and the World Championships of Fiddling held in Crockett, Texas. Being crowned champion at any one of these prestigious contests holds high regard in the world of old time fiddling. Matthew would go on to win the Grand Master Fiddle Championships twice more (1993, 1995) and the Grand National Fiddle Championships again in 1992.

Naturally, Matthew has made his mark in the old time fiddle world, however, his music spans more than just the four strings found on a fiddle. The Beach Boys, the Ramones, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash, among others, have all influenced Matthew’s music. Performing original music in both acoustic and electric settings has fine tuned his skills as a complete musician. Listen carefully and let his songwriting skills take you on an emotional journey.

“If you ever have the pleasure of hearing him play fiddle, guitar and sing you too will be humbled. While some musicians dazzle with technical ability, Matt can do that but also give you the whole experience of entertainment. He will make you understand the blues, make you laugh and want to sing along. Every lick and note he plays comes right from the heart. This pun is intended.”  -Steve Eaton, Gold and Platinum Award winning songwriter

His compositions spring from his heart and speak of his ability to express through music what most of us can only feel.”   -Jim, Texas Shorty, Chancellor 7-time World Fiddle Champion